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Norman tracks / map


Les chemins The CAEN ROUTE

The way of Cean on Google Map
The itinerary starts at the port of Ouistreham, where today the ferries arrive from Portsmouth and which in medieval times served the city of Caen which can be reached by following the path along the River Orne. Caen has been an important stop for travellers and pilgrims since the early middle ages. In 1083 Caponière Street leading out of the town was reffered to as "the street leading to Mont St Michel". The shortest way from Caen used to be through (...)


Les chemins The way from ROUEN

The Way of Rouen 1 on Google Map
The Way of Rouen 2 on Google Map
For pilgrims and travellers arriving from Picardy or Flanders, Rouen the old capital of the former duchy of Normandy, was a bustling city. From the great Cathedral to the fine timber-framed town houses, many monuments remain to remind us of the city’s former great wealth and influence.
There were several possibilities when planning a journey from here to Mont St Michel. The path taken by today’s pilgrim follows the main (...)


Les chemins The way from CHERBOURG

Guidebook From Winchester to Mont-Saint-Michel LightFoot Guides are written for Walkers, Cyclists and Horse Riders, providing specofic information for each group and enabling everyone to meet their personal goals.
The name, Tree Saint’s Way, has been created by the authors of the LightFoot guide, but is based on the three saints associated with this pilgrimage : St Swithin, St Michael and St James. Far from being a single route, it is in fact a collection of intersecting routes, comprised (...)


Les chemins The PARIS ROUTE

The capital of France, and the largest city of medieval Europe, Paris has seen the passage of countless pilgrims on their way to Mont St Michel. They usually took the road which started at the bridge at St Cloud, and until Dreux they took the same route as the pilgrims bound for Saint-Meen in the diocese of Rennes. This hilly* itinerary crosses the whole of Normandy and was in use throughout the middle ages and into the modern era, so it has been possible to reconstitute its path with (...)


Les chemins The way from BARFLEUR

From Winchester to Portsmouth Pilgrim Trail Informations : Email : GPS
The way from Barfleur on Google Map
In the Middle Ages, the Mont Saint-Michel was one of the most important centres of pilgrimage in Christianity. Pilgrims came from England, Germany and Italy as well as France, and were known as the Miquelots, the follwers of St Michael. You can now explore the route used by pilgrims from England who crossed the Channel on their way to Mont Saint-Michel : the (...)


Les chemins The CHARTRES ROUTE

the Way of Chartres until Domfront on Google Map
the Way of Chartres from Domfront to The Mont on Google Map
This road links the two almost mythical sanctuaries of the medieval world, both masterpieces of architecture and UNESCO sites. The journey follows the route of the pilgrims of past centuries across the Beauce and Normandy. Chartres, an important centre for the cult of the Virgin Mary attracted pilgrims arriving to venerate there the statue of the Virgin and Child and a holy (...)


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